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"Before finding Dr. Hoosdaran I had been to the emergency room, had blood tests, had scans and x-rays, shots in the arm and shots in the back. I had been to two different doctors and had tried both acupuncture and physical therapy. Nothing was helping my pain and I was loosing days at work. As soon as I walked into Dr. Hooshdaran's office I sensed I was in good hands. She is warm, caring and knowledgeable. Most importantly, she worked with me to clear my pain. I am in her hands forever! Also, I would like to comment on her excellent staff. She and Adrianna always make me feel like I am their first and only priority."

-Marge S.

I sit in front of the computer for 15 hours a day between work and home. At the end of the week my back is stiff and my muscles are tense. Dr. Hoosh and Vincent, one of the massage therapists, work wonders to relieve the stress my body takes during the week. Every time I go in for treatment, I come out feeling rejuvenated. Dr. Hoosh has a wonderful staff who will take care of you. I love being able to schedule appointments on the weekends as I'm generally busy during the week. Thanks Dr. Hoosh and your staff for all your help!"

-Danny K.

I have had scoliosis since I was a little girl, and have gone through 4 different chiropractors throughout my life. My condition is notsevere but requires regular maintenance and adjustments to prevent and relieve discomfort and pain. I have the great fortune and honor to have met Dr. Hoosh 4 years ago, when I started visiting her office on a regular basis.

Out of all the chiropractic doctors I have seen, Dr. Hoosh is by far the best chiropractor I have met. That is my honest, unbiased opinion from the bottom of my heart. She is the most wonderful and knowledgeable doctor, who truly cares for the well-being of her patients. She sacrifices her weekend free time to care for her patients.As a "bone doctor", she cares not only for her patients' skeletal health, but she always shares her nutrition knowledge and other health information to enhance her patients' lives.

I have met to chiropractic doctors where I would go in and out of the office within 15 minutes (of which 10 minutes I'm left alone under a heat pack, 2 minutes of wait time, then 3 minutes of seeing the doctor where I get the actual adjustment). Before meeting Dr. Hoosh, I thought that was the normal because I did not know any better. Now that I've experienced the great care that Dr. Hoosh puts forth for her patients, I can never settle for any less.

Dr. Hoosh has such high standards and expectations for herself and her staff. She is brilliant yet humble. She is always striving to improve by attending conferences to learn new health trends, investing in new equipments for the benefit of her patients, etc.In short, if all doctors in this world can have the great heart and standards of Dr. Hoosh, this world would be a much better place. My spine and I are truly lucky to have found her.

-Jennifer P.

As a woman I feel safe and comfortable when under the care of Dr. Hooshdaran."

-Amber U.

"I like her sense of humor and personality."

-Farzin A.

"It feels good to know what I can do after and during her care to better maintain my body."

-Fox A.

"Her touch is magic."

-Amy S.

"I once thought a chiropractor was a luxury but now I see that it indeed is a necessity, especially with my strenuous and busy lifestyle."

-Adam F.

"When you're as old as I am medication can only do you so good, but a pair of caring hands provides the ideal in natural remedy." "