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Sciatica Treatment with Chiropractic Care

Written By Chiropractic USA on February 15, 2019

Pain is a symptom that many experience, though some experience it more often than others.

While visiting a primary care physician, many choose to visit a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. These professionals often find themselves treating chronic migraines, sports injuries and partaking in regular sciatica treatments for their patients.

What Is Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica pain is located in the lower back. While some experience sharp pains that feel like pins and needles, others describe it as a more dull, chronic ache. Sciatica pain is known to begin in the lower back and then travel into either one or both legs.

This pain is most frequently caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve. This compression can be the result of any number of disorders, including herniated or bulging discs and diabetes, and can even be caused by sitting in an awkward position or even constipation.

Diagnosing Sciatica

Accurately diagnosing sciatica pain is crucial considering it can be caused by something so minor as sitting in a funny position or as severe as slipped discs in the spine.

A chiropractor will begin the diagnosing process by reviewing the patient’s medical history and then follow it up with a physical exam to rule out any obvious causes for the pain.

If there are no visible signs of what could be causing the patient’s sciatica pain, then other tests will be run, including:

  • X-Rays
  • MRI/CT Scans
  • Electrodiagnostic Tests

Sciatica Treatment with Chiropractic Treatments

A patient’s sciatica treatment will depend on what the doctor finds during the diagnosing process. Once the underlying cause of a patient’s sciatica pain has been diagnosed, the doctor will know how to treat the pain better.

Sciatica treatments with chiropractic care have been proven to help lessen the patient’s pain.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation helps to restore any misaligned vertebra, often helping to reduce nerve irritability resulting in sciatica pain.

TENS Treatment

A TENS unit is a small portable muscle stimulating machine. It uses varying intensities of electrical currents to control pain and reduce muscle spasms.

Cold/Heat Therapy

Alternating heat and cold therapies help to both reduce inflammation (ice) and help increase circulation (heat) to reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Don’t Wait Until the Pain Is Too Much to Bear

Sciatica pain is nothing to play around with, so having it checked right away can not only save time but help you discover any underlying conditions you may not be aware of.

Here at Chiropractic USA, Dr. Fataneh Hooshdaran and staff want to help you find relief.

Give our Santa Clara office a call at (408) 244-7677 and schedule an appointment that fits your schedule.

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