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How to Avoid Neck Pain Treatment While Sitting at Your Computer Desk

Written By Chiropractic USA on October 23, 2019

Woman with neck painMany jobs require long hours in front of multiple computer screens. 

If you are at a job requiring 8+ hours per day seated at the computer, you have undoubtedly experienced a bit of tension or pain in the neck, upper back or arms. 

With just a few simple techniques, neck pain may reduce significantly – giving you a much more pleasant workday. As well, Chiropractic USA offers a number of neck pain treatment options, including regular adjustments or massage therapy.  

3 Tips to Avoid Neck Pain at Work

While it is certainly impossible to avoid all tense situations at the workplace, the following tips may help eliminate muscle tension caused by prolonged sitting: 

1. Posture 

While sitting at the computer, make sure both feet are flat on the floor and spread apart a few inches. Never sit too long leaning to one side or the other and try not to keep legs cross during the workday. The spine should be flush along the backside of the chair (as opposed to perching at the edge of the seat). 

2. Take Breaks

It is not always easy to take frequent breaks, but spending a few minutes to stretch and walk around can reduce the instance of neck pain dramatically. If you can get outside, even better, but if you only have a minute or two to spare be sure to take a brisk walk around the office to promote optimal blood flow and give tense neck muscles a rest. 

3. Adjust the Monitor & Keyboard

Proper monitor height is a precursor to reduced neck pain and tension. Position the screen such that your head is not unnaturally angled upwards or downwards. If you work on a keyboard as well, make certain your arms are at a ninety-degree angle at the desk – and never let your elbows or wrists dangle while you type. 

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