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How Chiropractic Can Help Muscle Spasm Treatment

Written By Chiropractic USA on April 15, 2019

Muscle spasms are annoying, but did you know that they can be a symptom of something more than a tired muscle?

Spasms in any muscle is a sign that that area is under some form of distress, even if it is minor. Chiropractic care offers some options for muscle spasm treatment, and the sooner you talk to your provider, the better.

Causes of Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms, also known as muscle cramps, can happen to anyone. They are defined as a sudden, involuntary, and sometimes severe contraction of a given muscle.

While many individuals don’t quite understand what causes muscle spasms, chiropractic doctors see patients for them frequently. So, what causes these muscle contractions?

  • Muscle fatigue
  • Dehydration
  • Electrolyte Imbalances
  • Vitamin/Mineral Deficiencies
  • Nerve Irritations/Malfunctions
  • Improper Stretching

Other reasons for muscle spasms could be the time of year a patient is exercising in, such as summer and excessive heat. Certain medications could also cause muscle spasms and cramping, so make sure to check the side effects of all your medications.

Common Muscle Spasm Treatments

While the occasional muscle spasm isn’t usually something to worry about, if you are experiencing them or muscle cramps frequently, then you may want to seek out the advice of a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine.

With their help, they will be able to help you narrow down what could be causing the problem and help develop a muscle spasm treatment to remedy the situation.

These treatments include:

Massage Therapy

With muscle fatigue being one of the top reasons for muscle spasms, especially in active individuals, massage therapy is a reliable treatment option. This therapy helps relax the muscles and helps to reduce any inflammation that may be behind the cramping.

Manual Manipulation

This option helps to align the body and in turn helps to take any pressure off the nerves that may be irritated, causing muscle spasms and cramps.

Nutritional Advice

Your chiropractor may also give you some tips on your overall diet in order to help with your muscle spasm treatment. This is especially helpful if electrolyte imbalances and other vitamin or mineral deficiencies are the cause of the problem.

Don’t Delay Your Muscle Spasm Treatment

Muscle spasms can come from any number of causes. Seeing a chiropractor when you first become aware of the issue can help aid and speed up your muscle spasms treatment.

Here at Chiropractic USA, Dr. Fataneh Hooshdaran and staff want to help you find relief.

If you live in the San Jose or Santa Clara area, give our office a call at (408) 244-7677 and schedule an appointment that fits your schedule.

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