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Are You Suffering from Neck or Back Pain Due to Poor Posture?

Written By Chiropractic USA on July 17, 2018

Neck or back pain can be persistent, debilitating, and excruciatingly painful. 

Often, this pain may be induced by poor posture, particularly as many of us adopt hunched over or slouched positions to carry out day-to-day tasks like working at a computer or weeding the garden. 

At first, you may only notice a few aches and pains at night, which are gone in the morning. But over time, they may worsen, restricting your movements and leading to problems in your joints, discs, and muscles. 

There is a solution – chiropractic care. 

How Can Bad Posture Affect Your Health? 

Adopting poor positions for a few hours at a time may not present any ill-effects to start with. However, over a long period of time, they can place stress on your spine, causing anatomical changes. And as this constricts your nerves and blood vessels, it may induce pain. 

How do you know if poor posture is the cause of your aches and pains?

  • Back or neck pain that tends to get worse at a particular time of the day (e.g. after a few hours of sitting at your desk)
  • Pain that originates in your neck and moves down your back 
  • Pain that disappears when you change positions as you stand or sit 
  • Sudden pain that occurs alongside a new car, new office chair, or change of job 

Chiropractic Care as an Effective Neck and Back Pain Treatment 

If the above sounds familiar, it’s time to seek the advice of your local chiropractor in Santa Clara. Even though the pain you’re experiencing may be incredibly painful and concerning, in many cases, it isn’t an indication of a serious underlying cause.

To pinpoint exactly what’s causing your pain and to put together an effective back and neck pain treatment program, your chiropractor will carry out a few tests at your initial consultation. This will include a physical assessment, some questions about your symptoms, and a discussion of your medical history. They may also need to carry out further tests to confirm what they’ve found. 

Once established, they’ll explain what they’ve found, how it can be treated, and what results you can expect from the treatment. 

To treat bad posture, your chiropractor may use a number of manual adjustments, such as spinal manipulation. This involves the use of gentle force to mobilize and ease stiff or restricted joints. Exercises and lifestyle advice you can follow at home will complement these techniques, aiding your recovery while also reducing the risk of recurring problems in the future. 

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